• Powder Chopped Strand Mat

    Powder Chopped Strand Mat

    Powder Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) is produced by chopping roving into 5cm lengths fibers and dispersing fibers randomly and evenly onto a moving belt ,to form a mat,then a powder binder is used to hold fibers together, then a mat is rolled into a roll continuously.

    Fiberglass powder mat(Colchoneta de Fibra de Vidrio) conforms easily to complex shapes (curves and corners) when wet-out with polyester,epoxy and vinyl ester resin, is a widely used traditional fiberglass, builds up thickness quickly with low cost.

    Common weight: 225g/m2, 275g/m2(0.75oz), 300g/m2(1oz), 450g/m2(1.5oz), 600g/m2(2oz) and 900g/m2(3oz).

    Note: powder chopped strand mat can compatible with epoxy resin completely.

  • Woven Roving Combo Mat

    Woven Roving Combo Mat

    Fibreglass woven roving combo mat(combimat), ESM, is the combination of woven roving and chopped mat, stitched together by polyester yarn.

    It combines the strength of woven roving and mat function, which improves FRP parts production efficiency considerably.

    Applications: FRP Tanks, Refrigerated truck body, Cured in place pipe(CIPP Liner), Polymer concrete box,…

  • 1708 Double Bias

    1708 Double Bias

    1708 double bias fiberglass has 17oz cloth(+45°/-45°) with 3/4oz chopped mat backing.

    Total weight is 25oz per square yard. Ideal for boat build, composite parts repairs and reinforcing.

    Standard roll width:50”(1.27m), narrow width available.

    MAtex 1708 fiberglass biaxial (+45°/-45°) is produced by JUSHI/CTG brand roving with Karl Mayer brand knitting machine, which guarantees outstanding quality.

  • Biaxial (0°/90°)

    Biaxial (0°/90°)

    Biaxial(0°/90°) fiberglass series are a stitched-bonded, non-crimp reinforcement comprised of 2 layer continuous roving: warp(0°) and weft (90°) ,total weighs between 300g/m2-1200g/m2.

    One layer of chopped mat(100g/m2-600g/m2) or veil(fiberglass or polyester: 20g/m2-50g/m2) can be stitched with the fabric.

  • Warp Unidirectional (0°)

    Warp Unidirectional (0°)

    Warp (0°) Longitudinal Unidirectional,main bundles of fiberglass roving are stitched in 0-degree,which normally weighs between 150g/m2–1200g/m2, and minority bundles of roving are stitched in 90-degree which weighs between 30g/m2-90g/m2.

    One layer of chop mat(50g/m2-600g/m2) or veil (fiberglass or polyester: 20g/m2-50g/m2) can be stitched onto this fabric.

    MAtex fiberglass warp unidirectional mat is designed to offer high strength on warp direction and improve production efficiency.