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PET Squeeze Net

PET Squeeze Net

PET Squeeze Net is made of high strength Polyester Fiber.

Polyester Squeeze Net mainly been used to squeeze out air-bubbles and resin when produce fiberglass pipe/tank by filament winding process.

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PET Squeeze net been used for production of:

GRP pipe: standard length pipe, especially continuous filament winding(CFW) pipe

FRP tank

At TWO steps:


After liner making, the net been filament onto liner, stretched to exhaust air bubbles


After roving filament winding,squeeze net can be used to filament on pipe surface, to squeeze resin out onto pipe surface, form a resin-rich suface layer

Typical Mode

Density Roll Width (mm) Roll Length (m) Roll Diameter (mm) Composition
20g/m2 50/100/200/300 2520 36 100% Polyester

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