Power & Emulsion Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mats(JUSHI & CTG Brand)

Power & Emulsion Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mats(JUSHI & CTG Brand)

Supplier:  Chang Zhou MAtex Composites Co.,Ltd.

Power & Emulsion Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) is produced by chopping assembled roving into 50mm lengths fibers and dispersing these fibers randomly and evenly onto a moving belt ,to form a mat,then an emulsion binder is used to hold fibers together, then the mat is rolled on production line continuously.


Powder Chopped Strand Mat 300gsm

Fiberglass power& emulsion mat(Colchoneta de Fibra de Vidrio) conforms easily to complex shapes (curves and corners).  Power mat is a widely used traditional fiberglass, builds up thickness quickly with low cost.

Emulsion mat fibers bonded closer than powder mat,less air bubbles than powder mat during laminating,

Common weight: 275g/m2(0.75oz), 300g/m2(1oz), 450g/m2(1.5oz), 600g/m2(2oz) and 900g/m2(3oz).

Note: powder chopped strand mat can compatible with epoxy resin completely, but emulsion mat can Not compatible well with epoxy resin.

JUSHI MAT (EMC450-1400-P20)
CPIC MAT EMC300-1040


1) Boat hulls, Truck and trailer panels


2)Tanks, Cooling Towers, Open Mold


3)Continuous Plate Laminating

MAtex also produces and designs many other kinds fiberglass mat for pultrusion, develops mat proper for pultrusao, welcome to get connection!

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