Polyester Film For FRP Panel/Pipes/Tanks

Polyester Film For FRP Panel/Pipes/Tanks

Polyester film/ Mylar, is made of polyethylene glycol terephthalate(PET), one kind of film which manufactured via biaxially oriented(BOPET). It can be used in various fields: FRP panel, FRP pipe & tank, packages,…


Application One: FRP Panel

Brief Introduction

According to the different requirements of the customers, the polyester film can be divided into

film with corona treatment and film without corona treatment. The polyester film with corona

treatment is mainly for some special usage and the film will be kept on the FRP panel to protect

the panel or strengthen the property of the panel (UV resistant etc.).The normal thickness used

for FRP panel are 19um, 23um, 36um etc. and the width can be decided by the customers. The

roll length of the polyester film is adjustable.


Technical Specification  (19um)



Properties for control reports

Accepted Standard
Standard No. Standard Value
Thickness Tolerance (%) ASTM- D374 19+/-10%
Tensile Strength md (mpa)  



Tensile Strength td(mpa) ≥150
Elongation md (%) 60
Elongation td (%) 60
Heat Shrinkage md(150 C30min) ASTM-D1204 ≤3.0
Heat Shrinkage td(150C,30M IN) ≤3.0
Haze (%) ASTM-D1003 ≤8.0
Gloss ASTM-D2457 ≥100
Melting Point(C)   256


Packed with pallets, 4 rolls per pallet. We can make the diameter of the inner core to be 3 inch or 6 inch according to the requirement of the customers.


Mylar Pallet

Application Two: FRP Pipe& tank

Polyester film used in FRP pipe manufacturing is biaxially oriented film without corona treatment. The main function of the polyester film is for the demoulding of the FRP pipe& tank. The normal thickness  used  for  FRP  panel  are  19um,  23um,  25um,  36um  etc.  and  the  width  are  mainly 50mm,100mm,150mm and 200mm for du-helical filament winding  process and the width are mainly 45mm,50mm for continuous filament winding process. The roll length of the polyester film is adjustable.


Technical Specification  (23um)


Properties for control reports Standard No. Average Value
Appearance White, side whipstitch good, no broken woven, untained.


ASTM D374 23~23.10
Tensile Strength (MPa) ASTM D882 MD 209
ASTM D882 TD 267


ASTM D882 MD 4543
ASTM D882 TD 4923
Heat Shrinkage


ASTM D 1204 150C/30 m in MD 1.2
TD 0
Haze (%) ASTM D1003   2.49
Gloss (45 Degree) ASTM D2457   129.800


ASTM D1894E   0.50/0.42
Density(kg/m3)   1397.00 1397.00
Wetting Tension


ASTM D2578   40.00


Packed with pallets. We can make the diameter of the inner core to be 3 inch or 6 inch according to the requirement of the customers. Normally the diameter of the inner core we make is 6 inch.

big width package

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