MAtex AR Glass chopped strands 6mm/Special for Car brakes

MAtex AR Glass chopped strands 6mm/Special for Car brakes

Brand:  China JUSHI, MAtex (Our brand)

1, Description

Ar Glass chopped strands is made by cutting continuous fiber into a certain length and is mainly used as reinforcing material for thermoplastic and thermosetting resins.Different products are suitable for different resins.The main resin systems are PA,PBT,PET,PC, PP,ABS and unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin, etc. Short cut length: 3mm-24mm.


JUSHI Brand  6mm  Chopped Strand

1 短切原丝

MAtex Brand 6mm Chopped Strand 

MAtex 短切原丝

12mm Chopped strand 

3. 12mm Alkali resistant chopped strands for cement concrete

2, Features & Application

Silane coupling agent

Good compatibility with resin

Fast distribution,

good processing

Good strand integrity



3,Technical Parameters

Filament Diameter ( um ) 10-13
Moisture content ( % ) <0.1
Cut length ( mm ) 3-24
Chopped ability ( %) ≥98
Application BMC、Injection


4, Storage

In the absence of special requirements, it should be stored in a dry, cool place to prevent dust and moisture.The storage environment temperature is 15°C-35 °C, and the humidity is 35 °C-70 °C.

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