Fiber Glass / Glass Fibre for CIPP Liner(Cured-In Place Pipe)

Fiber Glass / Glass Fibre for CIPP Liner(Cured-In Place Pipe)

Manufacturer: MAtex,China

MAtex made fiber glass are suitable for Cured in Place Pipe Lining (CIPP liner) making,CIPP liners able to repair virtually any type of damage for numerous applications—including pressurized, potable water, and gravity sewer lines.

Glass fiber mixed with traditional CIPP liners can reduce the thickness of the CIPP liner by 30%. When combined with unsaturated polyester resins, these fibers show high structural strength; even when mixed with traditional CIPP liners. The liner is produced in a plant where consistent manufacturing quality is ensured

Ultraviolet fiberglass cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner is far superior in many ways to felt pipe lining. One of the main reasons to use fiberglass liner with UV curing, instead of water or steam cured felt liners, is that felt curing causes by-products that negatively affect the environment. In particular cities using felt liners are concerned about flushing styrene-laced water into their sewer systems. However UV cured fiberglass pipe lining is environmentally friendly for pipe rehabilitation.

Glass-reinforced liners are impregnated with polyester or vinyl ester resins and produced by folding.
MAtex glass fiber, used as a carrier material, is characterized by increased resistance to the aging process. Specially selected glass layers construction are soaked in the impregnation process with unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resin. The resins used for the production of liners, as the final product after they have cured, do not have any harmful effects on the environment. The finished product is distinguished by high mechanical parameters ensuring long-term durability.

Glass Fibre been used to produce CIPP Liners, MAtex produces these materials by ourselves:

1)Woven Roving Combo Mat: ESM2415, 1815,...

2)Unidirectional Fiberglass: 13oz, 28oz,...

3)Biaxial Fiberglass: E-LTM2408, E-LTM3208,...

4)Woven Roving: 24oz, 18oz, 800g/m2

Above 4 kinds fiberglass are the most popular ones for CIPP liner making

Roll width: 50mm-3200mm, also can be customized
Roll length: customized

MAtex on Youtube:

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Post time: Jun-15-2022